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    December 2012

    Conference “Saisie-contrefaçon in Europe”, Palais de la découverte, Paris, 17 December 2012 organised by Véron & Associés

    A conference examining the Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and United Kingdom proceedings for gathering evidence of the infringement of an intellectual property right was organised by Véron & Associés in conjunction with the launch of the 3rd edition of Saisie-contrefaçon in the Dalloz Reference series, a book authored by Véron & Associés.

    High profile specialists of patent litigation from these countries (Fernand de Visscher, Simont Braun, Brussels; Richard Ebbink and Ruprecht Hermans, Brinkhof, Amsterdam; Thomas Reimann and Martin Köhler, ROKH IP, Düsseldorf; Penny Gilbert and Alex Wilson, Powell Gilbert, London) answered questions on the proceedings in their respective countries; the presentation support of this conference, including their answers, can be found here.

    Click here to watch the film Saisie-contrefaçon, presented as an introduction to the conference; the film, commissioned by Véron & Associés, tells the chronological story from the moment of identifying the infringement, liaising with legal counsel, requesting permission from the court and carrying out the actual saisie-contrefaçon.

    November 2012

    Soon available in bookstores, the 3rd edition of Saisie-contrefaçon, Dalloz Référence, authored by Véron & Associés

    The 3rd edition of Saisie-contrefaçon, authored by members of Véron & Associés, will be available in bookstores on 7 November 2012.

    The book, published by Dalloz as part of the “Référence” series, examines all the aspects of this unique way of gathering evidence of the infringement of an intellectual property right.

    It has been updated with the latest legal reform passed on 29 October 2007, implementing into French law the European directive of 29 April 2004 on enforcement of intellectual property rights, and with the case law on its application over the past five years.

    Dealing principally with French law, the book also includes a specific chapter on the search and seizure procedure (saisie-description) in Belgian law, written by Fernand de Visscher, attorney-at-law (Brussels), Simont Braun.

    It also includes a new chapter entitled "La saisie-contrefaçon, perspective internationale" (an international perspective), which examines the possibilities of obtaining in France proof of the infringement of a foreign industrial property right and, conversely, of obtaining abroad proof of the infringement of a French industrial property right.

    In over 650 pages this book collects all relevant case law references: an appendix of decisions containing hundreds of relevant extracts.

    30 June 2012

    Pierre Véron voted intellectual property “attorney of the year” for 2012 by attorneys-at-law and in house legal counsels as a result of a survey by Option Droit & Affaires, a French legal magazine

    “Pierre Véron, attorney of the year 2012…

    Pierre Véron, founding partner of the law firm Véron & Associés, has been voted intellectual property attorney of the year by attorneys-at-law and in-house legal counsels according to a survey by the magazine. Recounting the brilliant career of a patent litigation attorney...

    Pierre Véron has become, over the years, a reassuring authority. He has an in-depth knowledge of the law, but he is also one of the very few attorneys in France who can challenge his clients’ technical reasoning”, according to the Head of Intellectual Property of a major French group.

    9 February 2012

    The award for best thesis on patent litigation, Prix de thèse Véron & Associés, Contentieux des brevets d’invention, 2nd edition, was presented on 9 February 2012 in Paris

    The jury comprised of professors Jacques Azéma, Georges Bonet and Jacques Raynard, awarded two prizes in a tied result to:

    • Emmanuel Py, for his thesis on revocation of patent (L’annulation du brevet d’invention), soon to be published by LexisNexis Litec;
    • Caroline Rodà, for her thesis on the civil consequences of the infringement of industrial property rights (Les conséquences civiles de la contrefaçon des droits de propriété industrielle(droits français, belge, luxembourgeois, allemand, anglais), published by LexisNexis Litec, CEIPI Collection, n° 58, 2012.

    The prize amounting to 5,000 € was presented by French Judge Alice Pezard of the Cour de cassation, commercial chamber, Paris.

    The publication “Propriété industrielle” joined the Award for best thesis in offering a one-year subscription to each author, which was presented by Carole Duguer, chief editor of the publication.

    The research establishment Institut de recherche en propriété intellectuelle Henri Desbois (IRPI) also offered a one-year subscription of their publication “Propriétés intellectuelles” to each author; the subscription was presented by Michèle Bouyssi-Ruch, Director of IRPI.

    Previously awarded in 2008, the award for best thesis, Prix de thèse Véron & Associés, Contentieux des brevets d’invention, was instituted by this law firm specialised in patent litigation.

    Pierre Véron, managing partner, expressed the following at the prize-giving ceremony: “Our intention in instituting this award was to encourage legal research in the field of patent litigation but also to promote French legal thinking. The high quality theses awarded this year treated important subjects in the area of patent litigation, namely invalidity (because some patents are declared invalid by the courts and the consequence is sometimes hard to appreciate) and infringement sanctions (a matter of concern for companies facing infringement of their patent rights).”

    1 January 2012

    Greeting cards 2012

    The painting by Jean-Philippe Aubanel was featured in our 2012 greetings card.