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    6 June 2016

    Isabelle Romet named “Lawyer of the Year 2017” in the practice area of Intellectual Property, in Paris, by his peers and legal directors following a survey by Best Lawyers International.

    On 6 June 2016, the American website Best Lawyers International unveiled the results of the survey conducted among lawyers and legal directors to designate the Paris lawyer of the year 2017 in the practice area of Intellectual Property.

    The list of the 2017 Best Lawyers was published by Les Échos on the same day.

    31 March 2016

    Trophées du Droit 2016: Véron & Associés rewarded once again: Best Specialised Team - Patent Law.

    On 31 March 2016, Véron & Associés again received the award Trophée du Droit, category Patent Law, from the magazine Décideurs: Stratégie Finance Droit, during a ceremony held in the Pavillon of Armenonville in Paris.

    Bestowed by an independent jury composed of prominent figures from the world of law, finance and business (, this award aims to recognize the best French team specialised in patent law.

    The jury considered ― for the fifth time ― that Véron & Associés was that team.

    Partners Pierre Véron , Isabelle Romet, Thomas BouvetSabine Agé and Amandine Métier, have chosen to focus their entire activity on patent litigation.

    Their motto [100% patent litigation] means not only that they devote themselves solely to patent litigation, but also that they are organised to cover all aspects of this litigation (legal, technical, financial and linguistic aspects, in particular).

    Véron & Associés is the only law firm in Europe to exclusively defend companies involved in disputes regarding patents and trade secrets before courts or through arbitration.

    1 January 2016

    Greeting cards 2016

    Véron & Associés
    took part in the 2015 Juris'Cup.