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    The Véron & Associés team has contributed to three publications on industrial property law.

    Dalloz Référence Saisie-contrefaçon

    Véron & Associés is the author of a publication on saisie-contrefaçon, a proven method of search and seizure practise specific to French and Belgian law, which facilitates the rapid, efficient and relatively cheap way to obtain proof of infringement.

    3rd edition 2013-2014


    Concise International and European IP Law

    Pierre Véron is co-director, together with Professor Thomas Cottier, of the Bern University, of the volume on the general rules and procedures, which forms part of the five volume collection entitled Concise Commentary Of European Intellectual Property Law Series, published by Wolters Kluwer. Isabelle Romet contributed to the volume Patent Law in the same collection

    2ndedition 2011



    Dalloz Action Droit et pratique des voies d’exécution 
    (only available in French language)

    The lawyers at Véron & Associés are the authors of a chapter on search and seizure (saisie-contrefaçon) and detention by customs authorities entitled Droit et Pratique des voies d’exécution, a book published in the Dalloz Action collection.


    Global Patent Litigation: How and Where to Win

    Thomas Bouvet is the author of the chapter on France of the book Global Patent Litigation: how and where to win published by Bloomberg BNA (Washington, D.C.), which sets out patent litigation in the main industrial countries; the book includes many statistical data, in particular on the success rate of the actions in this field.

    1st edition 2014