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    A Sophisticated and Mastered Computer Tool

    A modern computer system in constant evolution:

    The Véron & Associés computer system is a dynamic tool, in perpetual evolution and subject to constant improvement.

    Its organisation is the result of twenty-five years of reflection and practice on microcomputing and office automation technologies applied to document production, document retrieval and internal and external communication.

    The network

    The Véron & Associés computer network is structured around the following main points:

    • premises equipped with a Gigabit Ethernet network and covered by a secure 5 GHz Wi-Fi wireless network;
    • several private and redundant permanent connections between Lyon and Paris ensure the exchange of electronic data and allow videoconferencing between the Lyon and Paris teams with the utmost confidentiality;
    • highly secured VPN access via Internet or 3G+ when the members of the firm are away on business;
    • Internet access provided to our visitors via an independent Wi-Fi network or from dedicated network connections, available in our meeting rooms;
    • several Internet broadband access points (SDLS and fibre) ensure the availability of our equipment and services;
    • for confidentiality reasons and to guarantee control over the computing tool, all the data for external restricted diffusion are hosted on internal equipment and servers or on dedicated servers hosted in highly secured premises.
    The servers

    The entire IT back-office of the firm has been virtualized since 2009. Three powerful VMware host machines, connected to high-performance NetApp disk racks, host and secure about 15 virtual servers (most of them, Microsoft Windows 2008 R2).

    The Workstations

    All of Véron & Associés’ workstations run on Microsoft Windows 7 OS. The firm is equipped with around 50 recent machines that are constantly updated to keep pace with the latest in technological development.

    General Use of Citrix’s Thin Client

    Véron & Associés has been using “thin client” technologies for several years for specific requirements. All users benefit from the numerous advantages of Citrix XenApp technology.

    Regardless of their geographical location – at the firm, at home, or away on business anywhere in the world – the members of the firm have access to all of the firm’s production tools, general and legal documentation as well as all the files they are working on.

    Security and Confidentiality of the Information: A Constant Concern

    Véron & Associés is equipped with antivirus and anti-intrusion solutions that are among the most technologically advanced available; they are constantly updated to ensure the best possible protection against threats mainly generated from the Internet; for greater security, the most sensitive of these solutions have double protection.

    Interfaces with the external environment, which may be especially at risk, are treated with particular care: wireless Wi-Fi networks, the Internet connection, VPN access.

    The choice of Véron & Associés’ IT tools has always been voluntarily based on non-proprietary and therefore upgradeable solutions; the use of the word-processing system is quite significant in this respect as, for example, the macro-command shortcuts of the production tool used by secretaries have remained almost unchanged since 1985 although the tools have undergone remarkable developments since that time.

    The use of electronic mail is another significant example of the importance which Véron & Associés attaches to establishing a technology or a tool: all the e-mails that have been received and produced for ten years have been centrally saved and indexed (bodies of the e-mails and their enclosures) in the firm’s information system connected to the relevant file, while remaining totally accessible through the mail user agent of each user.

    The Tool for the Production, Follow-up of Files and Document Retrieval

    Véron & Associés’ automation tools for the production of documents are the fruit of 25 years of experience in this field. This experience combined with today’s technological developments in micro-computer science now covers more than the mere production of documents and is used in the following fields:

    • file management,
    • storage, retrieval and distribution of exhibits in a digital format;
    • document retrieval.

    The creation of effective tools for electronic document retrieval is one of Véron & Associés’ main concerns; all the documents (letters, exhibits, procedural documents) constituting the files in progress are digitized upon receipt by the firm or when being produced, in addition to traditional file management of hardcopy versions, thereby leading to an extremely rapid and precise access to all the elements contained in the files.


    Véron & Associés’ members can access the firm’s computer tool from anywhere in the world while naturally benefitting from all the security required by their clients.

    The firm has the necessary resources for studying and implementing all solutions of internetworking, information exchange and file sharing that certain cases require.

    Our meeting rooms are equipped with advanced HD videoconference systems, which are used daily between our teams in Lyon and Paris and which enable us to communicate with our clients and correspondents worldwide without requiring long and expensive journeys.

    We provide our clients and partners with access to a secure area for downloading files from a browser; the use of the SSL encryption protocol ensures the confidentiality of the exchanges and attests to the origin of the downloaded documents.

    Véron & Associés will continue to work towards implementing collaborative and communicative tools, always on the cutting edge of technology, and used by a team receiving continuous training.


    The whole team at Véron & Associés benefits from regular training sessions, so that each user, at his or her level, can work with the available tools, with one purpose only: achieving the highest quality of work produced.