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    December 2014

    Pierre Véron, one of the top French lawyers according to the magazine Décideurs

    In its issue № 166 of December 2014, the French magazine Décideurs, Stratégie, Finance, Droit published the portraits of “50 lawyers among the best”.

    Ranked as “expert in patent litigation”, Pierre Véron told the magazine about his interest in technology.

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    May 2014

    Sabine Agé has been named Lawyer of the Year 2014 in the practice area of intellectual property law, in Paris, by her peers and legal directors following a survey by Best Lawyers International.

    On 19 May 2014, the American website Best Lawyers International released the results of the survey conducted among lawyers and legal directors to designate the Paris lawyer of the year 2014 in the practice area of intellectual property law.

    The list of the 2014 Best Lawyers was published by Les Échos on the same day

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    February 2014

    100 % VÉRON

    “100 % patent litigation”: such are Véron & Associés’s positioning and motto (appearing on all their communications aids, including their lawyers’ business cards); the law firm’s activity is entirely dedicated to patent litigation, with a total of 40 staff (including 14 lawyers) who are located in Paris and Lyon. “We are the only firm to be so highly specialised in the IP area” explains Pierre Véron. This choice dates back to the creation of the firm in 2001, by four lawyers who previously formed the patent team at Lamy, Véron, Ribeyre & Associés; it was clearly explained to our clients right from the beginning. In the early 2000s, our competitors were French boutique law firms that lost much of their competitiveness on the market when their founding partners retired. Today, the boutiques and Anglo-Saxon IP law firms offer a service that is less specialised than ours - they also deal, for example, with trade marks and registration matters. The market has evolved, but thanks to our positioning we have not been affected.”

    However, although it is important to be different, it is also essential to know how to maintain our position without deviating from our strategy. “To retain one’s positioning implies making certain choices and therefore refusing cases. It is important to be able to say “no”, even if it is hard as you may miss great cases”, says Pierre Véron. “However, we remain focused” assures another of the firm’s partner, Sabine Agé. “What you see is what you get, there is no double talk.”

    The firm does not hire the services of external counsels and says it has an easy access to information on the market: “We are on a very small-sized market,” points out Sabine Agé. We all know each other and see each other very often at conferences and meetings within the various national or European specialised associations: places where information about the market constantly circulates”. And for the years to come, “I can see no good reason to change our positioning” she confirms.

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